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Just Japan Podcast 13: Being a Researcher in Japan

In Episode 13 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O'Shea sits down with Dimitri Perrin, a researcher at Rikken, a government research institute in Japan. Not only does Dimitri have an interesting career in Japan, but he is also raising a family and does many things outside of work such as running and fundraising for charity! He and his wife biked around Japan's largest lake on one-geared mamachari bicycles to raise money for Japan's Red Cross after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami! 

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Just Japan Podcast 12: Drunk in Japan

In Episode 12 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O'Shea talks to returning guest Pee Jay aka KansaiPJ about drinking culture in Japan.  People in Japan drink a lot and for varied reasons. Believe it or not, sometimes getting drunk may influence getting or not getting a job promotion! We discuss izakayas, festivals, snack bars and more. Travelers and teachers who drink too much and those who do it for fun.

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Just Japan Podcast 11: Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) in Japan

In Episode 11 of the Just Japan Podcast, Kevin interviews Brian Waters, a professor of Forensic Pathology in Japan (A real life CSI guy!). Brian's story is an interesting one. First coming to Japan on a language exchange program, he then became an English teacher with the JET Program. Later he spent years working for the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office and now teaches and works as a Forensic Pathologist in Japan. 

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Just Japan Podcast 10: Finding a Teaching Job

In Episode 10 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O'Shea gives advice about finding work in the teaching industry in Japan. Everything from your previous experience, where you are from and whether or not you have tattoos may make a difference in finding the job you want. 

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Just Japan Podcast 9: Playing in Bands in Japan

Just Japan Podcast 9: Playing in Bands in Japan, Kevin chats with friend of the show Jim Mullins about playing live music in Japan. Jim is a teacher from the United States who lives in japan and has been playing live music for many years. He is a guitar player who sheds a little light into the live music scene for those hoping to play music when they come to Japan. 

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Just Japan Podcast 8: Being an ALT in Japan

In Episode 8 of the Just Japan Podcast, Kevin interviews Joshua a 14 year resident of Japan who works as an ALT or Assistant Language Teacher. Find out what it's like to work in Japanese public schools and some of the ups and downs that come with the job. Kevin Also talks about Hanami season in Japan as well as being interviewed for the Asia News Weekly podcast.

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In Episode 7 of the Just Japan Podcast, Kevin interviews Kathryn, aka "OkiNinjaKitty" from YouTube about what it's like to be a foreigner living in Japan's southern most prefecture, Okinawa. Okinawa's distinct culture, how it copes with typhoons and humidity and it's compact geography make it a fascinating place to visit and live.

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In Episode 1 of the Just Japan Podcast, Kevin O'Sheas interviews Jim Mullins, an American who has been living and working in japan for 23 years. Jim is currently a teacher, musician and YouTuber (Mully) living just outside the Japanese city of Shizuoka.

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Just Japan Podcast 2: Life in Rural Japan

In episode 2 of the Just Japan Podcast I talk to Jason Harris, a university instructor from the United States living in rural, Japan. After spending 5 years teaching with the JET Program in a small town, Jason decided to stay in rural Japan and teach at a university. Jason shares some of the things one can expect if they live in rural Japan, an existence much different than in a place like Tokyo or Osaka.


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Just Japan Podcast 4: Snowmageddon in Japan

In episode 4 of the Just Japan Podcast, I interview Ben Mortensen, a teacher living in Yamanashi Prefecture, west of Tokyo. On February 14th, 2014, that part of Japan received a crippling and record-breaking amount of snow. Ben recounts his experiences in one of Japan’s biggest snow falls ever. I also talk about some recent news in Japan as well as last weekend’s Tokyo Marathon.

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