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Just Japan Podcast 100: First Week in Japan

100 EPISODES!!!!! Thank You Everyone!

In Episode 100 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O'Shea shares the stories of past guests about their experiences when they first came to Japan. This celebratory episode features some amazing and entertaining stories from 15 past guests as well as Kevin! What's it really like when you move to a country far away from home with a vastly different culture? Find out!

Kevin also gives out special thanks (100 episodes), podcast goals for 2016 and rambles on about other things...

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Episode 100 guests in order of appearance:

Chillinkansai (Scott)
Joshua Meade
Percival Constantine
Scott Akerman (Unrested)
Baye McNeil
Kathryn Spoor (KittyDoesJapan)
Andrew Higgins
Victor Boggio (Gimmeabreakman)
Brian Waters
Michael Peckitt
J-San (napajapan.com)



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