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Just Japan Podcast 54: Life in Hokkaido

In Episode 54 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O'Shea speaks to Jason "aka J-San" of NapaJapan.com. Jason is a Canadian who lives and works in the most northern prefecture and island in Japan, Hokkaido. Jason talks about some of the employment opporunites in the city of Sapporo where he lives. Jason also talks about the weather, lifestyle and differences between life in Hokkaido versus other parts of Japan. Jason talks about NapaJapan.com, a service that allows you to purchase Japanese snacks and treats from anywhere in the world. 

Kevin announces the FIRST ever Just Japan Podcast contest! You can win one of 3 Japanese snack packs from Napajapan.com simply by leaving a review and rating on iTunes or Stitcher! Listen to this episode for more details. 

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