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Just Japan Podcast 57: Sumo…What's the Deal?

In Episode 57 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O'Shea speaks with returning guest Jason Harris, the man behind "Jason's All Sumo Channel" on YouTube. They talk about the Japanese sport of Sumo and Jason tells us a little bit about the origins of sumo as well as the basic rules. What makes sumo exciting and at times controversial? They discuss the roll foreign fighters have in the sport in recent years and how some Japanese people feel about it.  Jason also talks about the various tournaments around Japan, how he became interested in the sport and how you can see it live and follow it while in Japan. 


In this episode Kevin also talks about the new Patreon campaign for the Just Japan Podcast, the 2015 Podcast Awards nomination as well as the Mully's Place Podcast tshirt campain and upcoming Osaka YouTube Hanami Party. 


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