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In this episode, Kevin chats with one of the original Japan YouTubers (jvloggers), Kurt Bell, aka, Softypapa. In the early days of YouTube, Kurt made fascinating videos about his life in rural Shizuoka and brought us along on countless hiking adventures in the deep forests and mountains. We explored abandoned villages and learned about long forgotten shines with Kurt. After 10 years in Japan, he returned to America. After 10 years in California, Kurt is on the verge of retirement and will return to Japan to continue his rural adventures. Learn more about his amazing story in this episode!


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In this Episode, Kevin chats with Tokyo-based entrepreneur, Gregorio. Gregorio is an American who came to Japan in 2008 as a university student and worked for years working in various industries. During the pandemic, he started Monsta Sweets, a cookie company! He made cookies and sold them at pop-ups in Tokyo. He has now opened a full-time brick-and-mortar “Monsta Sweets” shop in Tokyo. Listen to his fascinating story about starting a business from scratch in Tokyo.

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